Welcome to All Prospective Class Instructors,

We’re excited to see your class submissions for the 37th Annual San Diego Cake Show, March 21-22nd 2020. Classes will be held on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Mini classes will be held Saturday & Sunday.


San Diego Cake Show has set a minimum of 6 students for ALL classes. In 2020 we are asking that you submit both main classes and mini classes. We want to make attending the show beneficial to you, the Teacher, if you are chosen as one of teachers we want to be able to offer you more than one class. The more you submit for main and mini classes and aiming classes at the criterias of what our students have asked for, the better your chances of teaching.


Obviously, our students mean a lot to us and we want them to be happy. In an effort to continue to make our Show bigger & better than ever we sent out surveys and have compiled our previous students’ feedback as to what they would like to see & learn at The Show. So please consider the following information as you consider what class or classes you plan to submit.

Here is what they shared with us.
We asked what type of class would they prefer to see at The Show…

Hands-On Decoration Technique (learning a specific technique) classes won out over Hands-on Project classes (complete entire project to take home), Demo classes, Kids classes, & Business classes. Although, as we all know cool project classes do draw them in, or at the very least cool class pictures.

We asked what medium would you like to see more classes offered in at The Show?
Of course, the overwhelming response was cake, but that was followed by cookie, then cupcake, and chocolate.

We asked what technique, skill, or method would you most like to learn… and left it as a fill in the answer type question, so that they had to type their own response . Here are the responses…
Buttercream-from basics to more intermediate and advanced buttercream techniques, large scale sculpted/3D cakes & internal structures, cookie decorating, advanced fondant techniques for wedding cakes, Bean paste flowers and/or Macrame, cocoa painting, Fondant-sculpting realistic figures, toppers, & faces, realistic gumpaste flowers-both wired and non-wired, isomalt , Chocolate, ice carving , fruit carving, isomalt modeling, painting with buttercream or painted cake, piping techniques for buttercream & royal icing techniques (lambeth, stringwork, etc), tempering & creating chocolate art, wafer flowers

We asked about class cost at The Show…
We had quite a bit of feedback about class costs. Students would like to see some more classes priced in the $80-150 range. So, if you have a great class – hands on or demo- in that range please submit it.

You can aim your classes at kids, beginners, intermediate or professional students. As a large group of our ticket buyers is the general public one of our biggest class draws is if they – the general public & beginners- feel like they can take the class.

Main Classes

Submissions should be a minimum of 2 hours but not longer than 8 hours. Classes taught on friday are generally 6-8 hours and the bigger project classes, Classes taught on Saturday and Sunday should be 2-4 hour range, but some exceptions will be made for classes in the 5-6 hour range.

Mini Classes
If you wish to submit a mini class, please keep these things in mind as you consider what you would like to submit. We are looking for classes that are 45 minutes to 1 hour long. Targeted at beginners, the general public or moms who wants to make something cool. Or kid friendly classes that parents/grandparents can take with them.

A lot of mini classes sell the day of to those attending The Show. We are trying something new this year and launching all classes at the same time. We like to keep the mini class prices low to attract the general public, kids & beginners demographic. We ask that you try to keep it under $25 per student for these classes. We cap the class at 18 to 20 students.

Thank you for submitting your classes, we look forward to reviewing all the amazing submissions.

San Diego Cake Show Committee