About Laura Saporiti

Laura Saporiti has been working with passion within the catering field for more than fifteen years, with a marked predilection for pastry, but at the same time holds a solid foundation of artistic training. After attending the Art School, she graduated with honors in Art History with a specialization in illuminated manuscripts. Cake design has allowed for both of Laura’s passions to come together, and she now works freelance creating cakes for event planners and private pastry labs, being a technical demonstrator for producers and trading companies, but most of all teaching decorating classes throughout Italy and abroad, from China to USA, in many pastry and cooking schools, as well as judging in several competitions. Laura has had the privilege of being published in several international magazines. Throughout her career, she also has had the opportunity to participate in a large array of International exhibits and has received awards and recognitions for the quality of her work.

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