About Kimberly Bailey

Kimberly Bailey--The Butter End Owner. Food Network Judge. Baker. Artist. Dishwasher.

Ever grateful and in wonder of the turn of events that resulted in the creation of The Butter End Cakery, Kimberly is filled with joy daily to finally be a working artist and the master of her destiny.

With a background in art from The Art Institute of Philadelphia, a Marketing & Entrepreneurial Studies degree from Fairleigh Dickenson University, a successful career selling software in NYC, and a short but fun ride in entertainment, she’s actually pretty well equipped to run The Butter End.

Throughout all of the long hours, goofy dancing (including the happy dance), and creative monkeying around, she takes such pride in delivering a product of unparalleled quality and creativity to her clients.

Kimberly has been featured on Ridiculous Cakes as well as a judge on Wedding Cake Championship and Winner Cake All.

When asked what she does for a living, she replies “I make happy”.

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