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Have you ever wanted to further your fondant skills to make your wedding cakes look flawless like the ones you see in social media and at cake competitions? If so, this class will help you master the art of fondant once and for all, no matter if you are a beginner or a veteran caker. In this course, students will start by learning the basics of fondant by understanding the different types of fondant, then learning how to properly cover a tier without causing rips, tears, or elephant skin. Students will also learn the secrets to creating sharp edges with ease and how to ensure there is no seam between your tiers. Lastly, students will tackle covering an extended, tall tier in a modern granite inspired texture and how to create unique textures of your own. By the end of class, every student will have a completed two-tiered cake to take home with the knowledge to create perfectly cover cakes in fondant in any shape or form.

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