Wish You Were Here San Diego Cake Show Online Cake Competition

How to Enter the WYWH SDCS Online Cake Competition...

  • First review the Official WYWH Online Cake Entry Competition Rules.
  • Second take note that the WYWH Cake Competition is an online Cake Competition ONLY and  note that the 2017 San Diego Cake Show Theme is “Comic Cake” (think Comic Con, pop culture, anime, manga, etc…).  All WYWH Cake Competition Entries must incorporate this theme into their original piece of sugar art. Theme interpretation is up to the Contestant.
  • Third create your masterpiece taking plenty of pictures … be sure you cover all creation process photo categories
  • Fourth go the WYWH Competition Entry Purchase Page and purchase your entry,
  • Fifth upload your files by midnight on February 20, 2017!
  • Be sure to Read the Official WYWH Online Cake Entry Competition Rules for your best chance to win!

There are no Divisions or Categories for this Competition.   See the detailed Official WYWH Competition Rules all the Rules and Regulations for this competition.

San Diego Cake Club’s 34th Annual Sugar Art and Cake Competition

March 2017

Wish You Were Here San Diego Cake Show Online Competition

2017 Show Theme: “Comic Cake”




  • Purchase your WYWH entry on the WYWH Competition Entry Purchase page at sandiegocakeshow.com. All are allowed to enter.  As this is an online competition there will be no divisions or categories.  Competitor is free to have additional entries in the other San Diego Cake Show Competitions.
  • Entry Types & Fees:
    • WYWH Online Cake Entry Fee: $5 per entry
  • Deadline to register is February 20, 2017 at 11:59pm PST. No entries will be accepted after this time. Entry fees are not refundable or transferable.
  • Theme: The 2017 Show Theme is “Comic Cake”. Cakes MUST be based on the San Diego Cake Show theme of Comic Cake think Comic Con, pop culture, anime, manga, tap into your inner nerd!).
  • ALL ENTRIES MUST BE THE SOLE WORK OF THE CONTESTANT. Cakes must be YOUR creation. As such, you MUST BAKE THE CAKES! You will include pictures of the baking process to prove this!  No commercially designed or produced cake toppers, flowers or cake jewelry are allowed. Contestant must be the sole creator of all hand-made sugar decorations and/or flowers on their entry.
  • Entry Materials: Cakes can be made from scratch or boxed mix and canned frosting. How it tastes is up to you. No buying prebaked sheet cake at the store, though.  Cakes MUST be CAKE. The entire creation needs to be edible, with a few exceptions including supports: Metal support structures, rice cereal treat features, wooden shelves and dowels, are allowed, but you need to ensure you document the entire structure and process so we know what’s holding your entry together. It’s important that we be able to tell how you’ve assembled your cake, especially if you’re using some non-edible support.
  • Photo Documentation: You must take multiple photos of both the cake AND the creation process. Entries with just one photo WILL BE REJECTED, we require a minimum of 12 in-process photos! The more photos, the better! You are limited to 50 uploads, please edit out blurry or poorly framed shots. We require that in the finished cake photo you print out the Comic Cake Logo (see below) and display it next to your finished cake.  Creation process photos need to show that YOU ARE working with cake and other baking supplies (this means we want to see your lovely face in at least one picture from each of the categories listed below). Show us how you assembled the cake, from start to delicious finish
  • Creation Process Category Photos:
    • Minimum of 2 baking photos: photos taken at any time during the mixing & baking process
    • Minimum of 3 building photos: photos taken while torting, filling, carving & crumb coating
    • Minimum of 3 decorating photos: photos taken while decorating
    • Minimum of 2 finished cake photos: at least 2 different angles including at least one with you in the picture and one with the San Diego Cake Show Comic Cake Logo in the picture
    • Minimum of 2 serving photos: photos taken while cutting and enjoying your creation by you and your lucky cake tasters.
  • Keep it clean. Don’t upload anything objectionable. All entries are subject to approval. We want to keep this site completely kid-friendly.
  • You must own the rights to ALL PHOTOS you upload.
  • By entering in the contest and uploading your photos for your submission, you grant us perpetual, non-exclusive rights to reproduce and use those images throughout our site, but also in other collateral, promotional materials, social media, etc., as we see fit, and without compensation. Please note that we may use your photos even if you do not win. You also grant us license to allow/license other publications to share, distribute, and print your images. This is necessary given the exposure we anticipate. You still own the images, and your name will always appear on the entry on our site, but we need total rights to distribute and redistribute your photos as we see fit. We will try our very best to attribute, but if you have a problem with this, you shouldn’t enter.
  • Judging: A panel of Judges will evaluate each entry on its own merit using a point based system.  In case of ties, the judges will re-evaluate the entries to break the tie.  Part of contestant’s score will be based on how well “contestant” follows ALL the Official Competition Rules.  ALL AWARDS AND DECISIONS OF THE JUDGES ARE FINAL.  The Judges must be able to view the entries without interference (glass or plastic case/ box/ barrier).  Please do not impede your entry in any way, entries that violate this rule will not be judged.
  • Awards: 1st Place will win a $50 Cash Prize + 2 Weekend Tickets to the 35th Annual San Diego Cake Show.
  • Expenses & Injuries: You are responsible for all cake expenses and cake-related injuries. Please be careful.
  • Contestant agrees by purchasing this entry they acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agree to abide by the WYWH San Diego Cake Show Online Official Competition Rules.

Good Luck!

San Diego Cake Show Comic Cake Logo – print and include with one of your finished creation photos

  1. Complete your WYWH Competition Entry purchase
  2. Click Account – to view your account details
  3. Click Orders – to view your orders
  4. Click View for your competition entry purchase
  5. Click Browse and upload one photo per file number…up to 50.  Be sure to have them uploaded by February 20, 2017 at midnight pacific standard time!