Lange/Lambeth Beginning 101 Boot Camp – Saturday – 2pm to 6pm

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Mini Boot Camp 101 &201 will be based upon the work of Joseph Lambeth; an English method and one of the most distinguished forms of cake decorating. Students will learn the basics of this method; how to hold the decorating bags and tips properly;_techniques shown, will help the students learn how to make the perfect zigzag,_shell, scalloped swag border, string of pearls, roped scallop, 3-D overpiping and basic stringwork techniques; all completed as time permits and students skill level of cake decorating piping skills.

Instructor: Kathleen Lange

Class Date: Saturday, March 18, 2017

Time: 2:00pm-6:00pm

Student Supplies: Students should bring a 6”x 4” (or) 8”x 4” Styrofoam cake dummy; covered with rolled fondant, placed on cardboard base board 4” larger and a box for completed project cake.

Student should bring the following supplies to class:

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